Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beauty is everywhere!

Okay, so this wonderful old door in this hundred year old building caught my eye while I was on my 4 day getaway trip to Ennis, Montana. The hollyhocks were blooming in front of it and it was such a romantic scene, I had to snap this photo! I am truly in the right business, as I love all of the old, weathered, patina'd pieces and buildings too!

The getaway was so refreshing and relaxing. Picnic lunches by the river, walks across our friend's ranch, twilight on the porch and star gazing in the inky black stillness of the summer night. Bliss! My husband and I love going to Ennis area and the living is just so easy. Thanks to my gals Rachel, Betsy ,Jean and Vanessa for working the weekend so I could have this getaway!

All the best,
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