Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sale Mania!

So it's now Saturday evening, Day 2 of the yard Sale event at Station 8. I am numb. I can barely move. Oh my goodness gracious me. We sold EVERYTHING! Almost. And yet, Day 3 will begin again tomorrow, Sunday, and I can't even imagine we have any more to bring out. But I will go into the deep dark recesses of my "Stockroom" and see what I can find to entice shoppers to return yet again!!

We piled it high, heaped it up, marked it down, then marked it down some more, then bargained with people, and we Had a Blast!!!

So I think this bed may still be available. I can't remember. Isn't it awesome? Guess how much? $500? No $300? Nope. How about a fabulous custom Montana made log bed, queen size, for ........$100??!!! Yes!

Okay and how about these adorable parlor chairs for your porch? Painted red maybe? Or robin's egg blue?
I know, super cute and they are still here!!!
Okay, that's all I've got for tonight. I must go rescue my husband who is still tarping and tying down the tables!
TaTa til later!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Newest vendor Amy's Blissful Blooms decor!

Welcome to my newest vendor, "Amy's Blissful Blooms Decor!"
Amy moved into Station 8 on Saturday July 16th, after much anticipation from many folks.
Her husband Josh, helped hang the windows and ladder shelf, so Amy would be set up for success, as I say, then he took off, and let us girls do our decorating thing!! Sweet man!

So here is a bit of Blissful Blooms, showing her carefree, fun, whimsical style, which is a much needed look here at Station 8! We love whimsy!

Amy has already proven she has a great eye, as a few of her best pieces have already sold!
Now, don't wait...hurry into the shop and snag that yummy chalkboard cake carrier, or that adorable blue retro cooler! Wouldn't it be darling on the porch or in your mud room for hats and stuff??? Hmmm, perhaps I'd better grab it!
I can just see her sweet handmade pillows on my porch too, can't you?

happy summer!!!
and welcome sweet Amy!

all the best,
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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Do you know how much fun it is to see who walks into my shop on any given day?
It is simply THE BEST when I am surprised when the door opens and I see someone who I haven't seen in ages!
It was like that on Tuesday, every time I looked up when I heard the screen door slap shut, and I would see all my favorite people!
Karen Sue, Vicki, Cathy & John, Gale Marguerite--it was just one big Hug Fest! Wow! I am one lucky lady when I get to visit with all of you! Thank you for making my day special, and for reminding me that the reason I am here is because of the amazing people I am connected to!

all the best,
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Accessories galore!

Hi Everyone!
If you're like me, you love accessories! and the more the better! Who says I can't wear 7 bangles and a scarf, and 3 necklaces all together?

You know, the more you layer on, the better, as far as I'm concerned. And why not jingle and jangle when you move your arm?

Here's a peek at our new "Accessory Station" at Station 8! We completely revamped our look, and I am really happy with the results!

Blissful Bloom flower pins, belt buckles,pins and charm necklaces by Susan Miller Studios, handcrafted gemstone necklaces and bracelets by Denise Holm. We have it all! Come in and see our new look!
And in the meantime, have fun layering on your jewelry ladies!!

All the best,

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