Thursday, October 28, 2010

New yummies!

So I just had to show you what my girls were up to yesterday!
Look at that amazing wall, done by Rachel. She signed her masterpiece, by putting her initial "R" right smack dab in the middle of all those luscious frames! Okay, can you look real close and see what she used to cover up a portion of the wall?? Look closer! Yes! You're right--BURLAP! Okay, so I am in awe and of course want to immediately go home, and put some burlap up on my sun room wall, and layer empty frames over it. " For Cute!"

And this scrumptious green desk/ hutch yummy just came in to Flower Frog shop--Kristy Alm's boutique here. Isn't it just the best green you've seen? Love Love Love it!

So now you have a peek at what we're getting in, and it will all be different for our Holiday Open House November 6th!!!
I 'll post photos of us elves next week, since we're closed 1st-5th to decorate!!
No peeking!
All the best,
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn & hot dogs go together, right?

Okay, if this isn't the cutest photo of Rachel, my Assistant, I don't know what is!
We were on our Buying trip, and happened to be staying downtown Spokane, and when we pulled in, we saw the gigantic Oscar Meyer car! Of course I made her pose so I could photo document the moment!!

I remember seeing this years ago, and thinking what a great marketing idea this was! Maybe I should get something original to drive for Station 8? Hmm... We'll have to think about what we could do to the trailer...oh honey, do you mind if I paint the trailer??!!

Well, we are in full Autumn mode here, even the weather is cooperating with amazing sunshine days and crisp, cool temps!
autumn...ahhh bliss
All the best,
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Neutrals just in!

Isn't it amazing how quickly we can embrace the new season? With the first hard frost, I am suddenly looking to neutrals and warm tones, both in my wardrobe and in my shop. Gone is my desire for aqua, pinks and pastels. I want the warmth of burnt oranges, deeper blues, saffrons and chocolates browns. So that is what I am bringing into the shop, and what I'm wearing!!

I was inspired to create a completely new vignette today, and now I want to do more! Wish I knew how to attach more photos...hmmm... lessons still to learn as I embrace the art of blogging.

Enjoy the autumn weather we're having, and cozy up your home with the warmth of autumn colors and textures.
All the best,
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mad Hatters fun!

So here is Rachel with some of our treasures found at the awesome Mad Hatters show!
We got there early and were 5th in line and could barely contain ourselves peeking at the many goodies spilling out from the tents set up in the yard of the Old Grange Hall.
The ribbon barricadekept us from grabbing, and promptly at 4:00PM, the show opened! Rachel raced to the tents, and I raced upstairs into the Grange Hall. Packed with thousands of treasures. Aqua furniture, old suitcases, shutters with peely paint. Vintage letters and numbers and ....wait is that what I think it is......YES! YES! YES! OLD GYM BASKETS!!!! Mine! All mine! I bought all of them ladies. I just had to. They will soon make an appearance on the sales floor, so come and get em!

And so we spent several hours at the show, reconnecting with many friends from the various shows we've attended--Farm Chicks, Vintage Barn and it was a truly fun evening! We love our road trips, and we especially love filling the trailer with all of the hundreds of yummies we find!

All the best,
Colette & Rachel

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