Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Neutrals just in!

Isn't it amazing how quickly we can embrace the new season? With the first hard frost, I am suddenly looking to neutrals and warm tones, both in my wardrobe and in my shop. Gone is my desire for aqua, pinks and pastels. I want the warmth of burnt oranges, deeper blues, saffrons and chocolates browns. So that is what I am bringing into the shop, and what I'm wearing!!

I was inspired to create a completely new vignette today, and now I want to do more! Wish I knew how to attach more photos...hmmm... lessons still to learn as I embrace the art of blogging.

Enjoy the autumn weather we're having, and cozy up your home with the warmth of autumn colors and textures.
All the best,
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  1. Love this look. Trying to get in the autumn mood here in Florida. Great pictures help!
    Enjoy yours,

    ps....check out my space