Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's a Prairie Sisters Party coming this month!

Have you heard about the big junk show that's coming to the Kalispell Fairgrounds this month?
It's run by Laura and Molly from Missoula, where their original show was held last September. We were a vendor there, and had an amazing show, and met tons of cool people too!
So needless to say, when I heard they were bringing their show to Kalispell, I signed up--we'll have 2 booths this time!! We'll bring our good stuff that we've saved for the Show, and still be open back in Columbia Falls too!
Posted by PicasaSo you'll want to save Saturday February 25th for this junkin extravaganza! It will be in the Expo building and you'll hear more about it as the days draw closer. For more details, check out their web at www.theprairiesisters.com
February will be an amazing month for all us junkers! Vintage Rules!!!
All the best,
Colette(unofficial Prairie Sister!)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks everyone! A fun evening was had by all!!

DIVA night was amazing. We saw so many of you there on Friday night! We were so busy, that we forgot to take photos! So no photos of the evening, but we have some great stories to share, and these photos that were taken by Jaimie Nelson, photographer extraordinaire, on her last visit! Enjoy!

The party started early, at 4:30 or so, and by 6:00 pm the crowd was here! My husband had just finished graveling the parking lot. there were no more spaces left, so as he pulled away, 3 cars were juggling for his spot! Thanks to my kind neighbors for putting up with cars everywhere!(I offered them chocolate...)
My favorite story was when Sarah A. came in, told us she was just on her way to the store for some milk, saw the party and pulled in!! She joined the merriment and we even gave her several excuses to use to explain to her hubby why it took her so long!
( I hope she remembered the milk...)

I think this "N" stands for Nothing left! almost. You all cleaned us out of lots of pretties. We truly did sell out of our new line of Bling bracelets in one night, so I must get more in!

Posted by PicasaSo these yummy handmade ruffled" snowballs" are really gorgeous, and our youngest DIVA, Sylvie, fell in love with them. She came up to my desk, asked the price, didn't have quite enough money left from her allowance, and walked sadly away. Believe it or not, Lucy, one of my very generous customers at the desk, overheard, and tucked enough money in Sylvie's hand to buy her "snowball".
Is that the best story? It makes my heart sing, and confirms the goodness of people and what amazing customers/friends we have here at Station 8. I am very Blessed!
Thank you for joining us.
If you missed the party, come in and say hello!
All the best,
Colette & my DIVA girls Rachel and Ina

Friday, January 27, 2012

We're ready to celebrate our return from our buying trip!!

We've worked twelve hour days, unloading,merchandising, creating vignettes, pricing and cleaning all our new vintage finds, so we're ready for the grand Re-Opening today!
Here's some visuals on our creations! Enjoy!

I just love the bold graphics of signage. It adds such texture and wit to any room!

the British look is so hot right now, with the Union Jack flag and the phrase :Stay calm and Cary on, everywhere. It has been my motto all week. I kept chanting it whenever I needed to reassure myself that we could get it all done! It worked!

Okay, that bed looks so comfy, that I may just have had to test it out with a little nap at one point this week... maybe.....just a tiny little nap.

Posted by PicasaOur pretty new line of soaps, in vintage decorative bottles, perfect for the kitchen!
So thank you to my team this week: Rachel, Ina , Vanessa, Josh, Harry, Joe and for the inspiring words of encouragement from Amy and Barb and Kristy. I appreciate and need all of you!
All the Best
,See you tonight at DIVA night!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We unveil all our new jewels at DIVA night!!

We found the most amazing jewelry lines while on our Seattle trip! Lots of handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces every girl wants to own!
Quirky pendants that you can layer on with your own jewelry

Fabulous handknit headwraps that we all love in new colors and styles!
amazing array of deliciousness that I can't wait to unveil on Friday January 27th on our DIVA night!! Bring a friend, sip some wine, savor some chocolate and enjoy!

You will be dazzled at our new stuff!
I just know you'll love it all!

So many choices...
Posted by PicasaBring on the bling!!!
See you soon!(don't forget we reopen on Friday!!!)
All the best,
Colette & Rachel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Road Trips are such an Adventure!

Ah the thrill of travel. Being on the road. Getting away from it all. The adventure, the excitement, the challenge. THE ICE! THE SNOW! THE WIND! Rachel and I had quite the exciting trip--our first one in 2012, and about our 12th(or more) together, and just when we think we've seen and done it all...

This is just a peek at what we experienced in Seattle. This is the trailer hitch, the all important trailer hitch that keeps the trailer filled to capacity with our goodies towing nicely behind the suburban. Does ice affect how it tows? hmmmm never experienced that, so we'll see!

side mirrors are another important item to have and use while towing. You know you can't see out of the rearview mirror because there's just a big white box in view, so relying on side mirrors becomes critical. "objects may appear larger in mirror" doesn't even begin to tell the story when its coated with an inch of ice!

Ah, but then there's the beauty of it all. Branches coated with ice, clanking together like chimes when the wind blows...

Somehow being stranded in the hotel room for 3 days sounds fun, except when all of the shops are closed due to weather, and Rachel can't go out and shop and escape from Colette, who's sick for all 3 days...Did I mention road trips are an adventure????
Posted by PicasaWe made a break for it on Friday, and got in line with all of the semis going over the pass, and white knuckled it when the severe winds kicked up and came at us through the canyon. But, we are hardy Montana girls, and wanted to get our load of treasures home, because the trailer really is filled with amazing stuff!!!!!
We are remerchandising the store from jan 23-26, REOPENING JAN. 27, so plan on joining us for DIVA night friday night Jan. 27th, 6-9PM.
And stay tuned here on the blog for photos of our "trailer and trunk" show!!
All the best, and grateful to be home,
Colette and Rachel

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We love our job!

This is what we woke up to! And we thought what a great day for a Flea Market!
Ok we really do love our job! Even when we are shleping and loading furniture in the Snow!! We just looked at each other and said "Heres something we haven't done before!" And being hardy Montana girls (pulling a trailer), we thought this is nothing we can drive just fine in a little snow, and then it dawned on us...Oh crud can the other millions of people around us drive in snow???

It was actually coming down sideways!

Did I mention it was really cold, and wet!!! And of course perfect for taking pictures!

This is the location of the Second Saturdays Flea Market where we shleped many great finds out to the trailer in the before mentioned cold, wet, blowing, snow!
We really do love our jobs...
All the Best from snowy Seattle
Colette & RachelPosted by Picasa

The Adventures of Colette & Rachel continue!

So Saturday morning, at the crack of dawn, Rachel and I head to the sEcond SAturday flea market. I dropped rachel offf at the curb so she could stand in the long line, while I parked the trailer. Yikes! By the time I got done, she was laready inside, doing what she loves--BUYING!
We metamazing people,like Lori and her gorgeous daughters Amanda & her sister.
Their booth was darling and delicious and I wanted to just bring it all back to Montana, including the girls! (they helped carry my purchases out--thanks girls!)

Here's some of their delightful goods for sale. Aren't they delicious?

There were just so many scrumptious things to tempt our budget, so we had to prioritize and edit and tell ourselves "we just can't take it all home!" We do have limits!

This is one of the" over the top talented artists" that was at the show, and of course, I bought several of her creations. You'll just have to wait till I get home to see the goodies!
And this incredible woman had amazing items-vintage, handmade, everything!

Look at the piles, the masses of goods--we shopped for hours!
Posted by PicasaAnd so many clever displays and lovelies!
So, needless to say, Rachel found some amazing things, I kept giving her money, she kept buying more and more and more...
So the show was a success for us. Let's just say we have many many goodies. We found industrial, salvage, leather, and so some of our favorites.
But you will have to wait till we get back, unload, display it all, and then come to our DIVA night January 27th to see what we bought!!!!!
Our story continues....
All the best, from Seattle, Colette & Rachel

Friday, January 13, 2012

We have arrrived!

So we are a bit excited to start the junking, and get a bit crazed when we see any sign that says Antiques! And who can't appreciate a combination like this? Pizza, a deli sandwich AND antiques? Sign us up!!!

Posted by PicasaOkay, so here's a pop quiz: which trailer in the photo is ours????A prize if you can select the correct one! I know, it's really really hard, but just focus! giggle giggle
More to come , as we have just begun to have fun on our Buying Trip!
All the best from Seattle,
Colette & Rachel

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We're on the road Again!

Rachel, get the trailer hooked up so we can leave already!
There's miles to be travelled and dozens of places to shop!
Okay, so winter driving isn't the prettiest, but the trailer doesn't mind that its dirty. it just wants to be on the road, and loaded up with tons of goodies!

Posted by PicasaJust in case anyone flags us down on the highway and wants to peek at our goodies, we make them drive back to Columbia Falls Montana to see our stuff!
And you can all see our "new" arrivals on Friday January 27th at our first DIVA Date night for 2012! Wine and chocolate will be served while you shop our new found treasures!
All the best,
Colette and Rachel