Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They call me Quirky!

Yes, I have often been referred to at Station 8 as the Queen of quirky! I don't know why? It could be because early on I developed a fondness for putting very interesting things in the stores many vintage birdcages.

It all started with a stuffed fish... I don't know what made me do it, but as Betsy would say it had to be done, and in the birdcage it went! Since then I have had many different and very unbirdlike items in the the many cages we have had. Of course here are a couple of examples. In the picture above, well they are flying pigs!
I just thought she looked like she needed to be contained, and once I had the mermaid in I had to put in our copy of Andersen's Fairy tales and open it to the Tale of the Little Sea Maid. It all makes sense to me!

Of course the quirk is not only limited to birdcages, so come in and see what other new, and quirky things we have going on at Station 8!

Hope to see you soon!

All the Best,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Farm Chicks Show is coming soon!

Here a chick there a chick everywhere a chick chick! Farm Chick that is! We are officially in Farm Chick frenzy mode here at Station 8. There's only a few days left of preparation before we leave on June 2!And the show is June 4 and 5th.! Yeehaw! Are you all going? It is going to be even more amazing this year, with more vendors! We are going to have two spaces again this year, and we really are taking the good stuff with us. Our plan is to then return with a full trailer of new goodies that we source from the show too!

So put on your aprons, petticoats, overalls, whatever Farm attire and come join us!
We'll be the ones with ruffled flowers blooming on our heads!

See you there!

The Montana Farm Chicks,
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Grand Prize Winner!

Did I mention the fact that our Open House in Columbia Falls was a huge success, and that we had a prize basket to giveaway to some lucky winner??? Well, the basket was filled with $50 gift certificates from all the 6 participating businesses, and also included a pair of sapphire earrings donated from Gold Creek Jewelry(she has a shop here in Station 8), as well as an Ipod from Coffee Traders, and even a cute ball cap from The Rack Clothing Co. WOW! We drew Robin Stephens name, and she's pictured here( Robin is the pretty brunette with the HUGE smile on her face!) with Sally from Fashion Finds,and me ! Robin said the "Spring Open House was a great outing for the girls, and even the whole family!" She loved the refreshments we all served, and when weary from shopping, took a break and had lunch at Coffee Traders. She's wearing the new blouse she bought at Fashion Finds!Robin said she's thrilled to have our shops all here in C Falls!! & said "I wish more people understood how great the day was and how great the shops are here!"
Wow! Thanks Robin, for your support, your enthusiasm, and for buying local!!
We can't wait to do it again!

All the best,
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New and fresh!

Rachel has done it again! She loaded up her suburban, and filled it with amazing pieces, all in fabulous fresh colors for spring. Pink, aqua,& (sigh) robins egg blue . We just put these out onto the floor, so thought I'd share these photos of them crammed in the back of her vehicle! She even removed seats to stuff al the goods in, and had help from a very sweet man(Amy you got a good guy there--thanks Josh!) in order to fit everything in!! Bliss! I just love fresh yummies!

Happy Springtime!
All the best,

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring is here!!!

Did you gasp in awe at our 2 days of sunshine in a row??? I am dazzled with the brilliance of the green grass, trees bursting into their new green outfits, and the freshness in the air!! Yippeee!! springtime is here!

And because it is now actually feeling like spring, we are going to be open on Mondays now! That's right, we are now here Monday through Saturday to tempt and tantalize you with our springtime decor and gifts.
So, come see us, and you'll probably even start seeing us wearing sandals and capris and dancing around the store with happiness!

All the best, Colette

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FarmChick preview!

Okay, so these photos are intentionally blurred, as the pieces are the sneak preveiw of what we are taking to the Farm Chicks show, June 4-5th! That way you are so tempted to see how cute they really are, you must go to the show and check out Station 8's booths!!!!!
Anyone buying my story on out of focus photos? Really, I must learn how to focus!

So, we are calling our look "Champagne Industrial Chic." Or at least that's what we're goin with at the moment. It'll change again. I'm sure of it. We're just finalizing the details, and it is sure to be an amazing show and we are just too excited to get there!

See you there!
All the best,

Colette & Rachel

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