Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get ready, get set..... Here comes Open House!

You know, it all starts with an idea. Ispired by an item. Nothing really extraordinary; simple leather trimmed suitcases. Pair these with some other vingage finds, add a little elf (meaning us) magic and we have a great vintage look for our traditional Christmas vignette!
A few old chippy peely shutters, in my favorite color...

A bit of whimsy with a darling vintage green colored child's chair. Just simple items in sweet colors to inspire us in creating our themes for Holiday Open House! and do we have the ideas!

We are in the final stages with the themes and vignettes we're doing for Nov. 5th! These photos are just our inspiration pieces to give you a hint of what you'll see.
We will, of course, have to be shut the entire week leading up to the Open House (No peeking!), because we will be changing the ENTIRE store to reopen on the 5th. Oh what fun!!!!

all the best,

and elves


Monday, October 17, 2011

Quirky Has Arrived!

They call me Quirky! I think it started way back (2 years ago), when my mother-in-law was telling Colette that I would make a great employee, and she said "her style is kind of quirky". Well we all know I was promptly hired on, and have been playing, I mean working really hard ever since!Recently I decided to branch out, and start my very own shop in Station 8 (where else)! Of course, after suprisingly very little consideration, I decided to name it Quirky! Pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, so here are some of my new space!

Did I mention I have the very best boss in the whole wide world! I am so very blessed to not only be an employee of Station 8, but now also a vendor!

So far Quirky is a blend of out of the ordinary vintage items, books, and furniture. Soon I will be adding new unique jewelry, and gifts.

This map is my very favorite thing! It's a 1950's school map that is also a chalk board! I recently called it quirkalicious! You really have to come and see it in person...

My very first sale! I was so excited!

So if you tend to walk on the quirky side, come in and check it out!

Hope to see you soon!

All the Best,


Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's getting SPOOKY around here!!

Eeek! Boo! Time for the leaves to fall, the pumpkins to get carved and costumes to be found! It's Spooky time!

Nothing like a glow in the dark votive stand to make a dramatically witchy centerpiece on your autumn table

And how spookilicious is this? I wonder what happened to the woman writing her memoirs......she left in a hurry no doubt!

And sometimes simple is best too. A classsic pumpkin with a bit of a subtle Boo will do!

You know, I have asked the girls to dust and clean, the cobwebs are getting our of control....

Recognize any of your ancestors up there? A charming alternative for a window valance. Just hang a clothesline, or bit of jute, clip on some vintage gloves and old photos, and you have a charming and intriguing window valance!

All the spookiest!


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcoming Jill Jones, newest vendor!

Some color combos just make me happy, like these! Welcoming in a new vendor to my amazing team at Station 8 makes me happy.

I am so proud to introduce to you, Jill Jones, creator extraordinaire, new mom, and an amazing woman!
Look at her new yummies, that have just arrived Today! Jill has a very discerning eye to detail, and is extremely hip with what the hot looks are in vintage decor! She compliments my other fabulous vendors, don't you think?

Jewelry hangers, wall plaques, bulletin boards, and mid size furniture will be her specialty, all with amazingly affordable prices!

I can't seem to pick my favorites, as all of Jill's pieces make me happy! Come in for a peek and see for yourself!

All the best,
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