Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's getting SPOOKY around here!!

Eeek! Boo! Time for the leaves to fall, the pumpkins to get carved and costumes to be found! It's Spooky time!

Nothing like a glow in the dark votive stand to make a dramatically witchy centerpiece on your autumn table

And how spookilicious is this? I wonder what happened to the woman writing her memoirs......she left in a hurry no doubt!

And sometimes simple is best too. A classsic pumpkin with a bit of a subtle Boo will do!

You know, I have asked the girls to dust and clean, the cobwebs are getting our of control....

Recognize any of your ancestors up there? A charming alternative for a window valance. Just hang a clothesline, or bit of jute, clip on some vintage gloves and old photos, and you have a charming and intriguing window valance!

All the spookiest!


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