Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chocolate Anyone!

So we decided to take the plunge this time with our DIVA night, into CHOCOLATE that is! The very lovely Becky and Todd from Amazing Crepes loaned us their chocolate fountain for the evening, and we were up to our elbows in rich, creamy chocolate (every girls dream)! If you were at our DIVA night last night, you know how much fun (and chocolate) we had. Now if you couldn't make it, especially all of you out of towners, who had major snow, here are a few photos, proof that fun was had by all.

Ina is sporting the DIVA cap, with a plate of what else, but chocolate covered strawberries! By the end of the evening I don't think there was a finger, face or elbow that didn't have some chocolate on it! We even had some chocolaty finger prints on the receipts!

Thank you to all who came out and shared the evening with us! And don't forget our next event is our Spring open house Saturday May 7th!

All the Best,

Colette & Rachel

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calling all DIVA'S!

Ladies, it's that time again--DIVA Date night is here! Friday, April 29th from 6-9PM.
Join us as we show off our fresh merchandise from Denver, and have some new gift items for Mother's Day as well!
Lots of new furniture, accessories and spring colors!

Hope to see you Friday for some girl time, wine and chocolate, of course!
All the best,
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Hello everyone! We are welcoming in Springtime in Station 8 with
so many new garden and home decor pieces that are finally unpacked from the trailer! Peek at the yummy cane chairs,garden chairs, benches, and butterflies galore! I hope you are finding inspiration in all of the budding trees and the peek a boo bulbs that are coming up everywhere outdoors. I just love seeing the green grass!
Spring is here!!

May you all have a wonderful Easter, and see you soon!
All the best,

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windy Wyoming, on to Colorado & Back!

So we took off on April 3, to deliver a fabulous antique cabinet to our sweet Sandy, in Ft Collins Colorado. I checked weather along the route, and it was to be 60 degrees, balmy and sunny. Right! Pack your spring clothes Rachel, we're going to have fantastic weather! So take a look at the photo of Rachel now, does her hair look normal? She's INSIDE the suburban and she has the Justin B. look going on. Why? There's an 80 mph wind happening, and she's inside!!!!! Now take a look at me. I may be smiling, but that's because I'm laughing at Rachel's hairdo as she's taking my photo. We're in Casper Wyoming and yes, the sun is shining, but we can't stand upright!! Okay, enough about the weather, let's discuss the shopping! Wow! We hit the boutiques of Ft Collins, note the street scene where we strolled up and down looking for fabulous product, and note the green grass and garden, and yes, real flowers planted there! We love Ft Collins!! And yes, the shot of the trailer may not show all the yummies we brought back, but look close and you'll see images of shabby peely paint and the color aqua, and old garden furniture and vintage typewriters, and even blanket covered industrial chests.... and it will all be unpacked soon. Very soon. More to come!! All the best, Colette & Rachel

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Windy Wyoming!

As you all know every road trip is an adventure! This is what we have learned so far on this trip to Fort Collins Colorado (wish we could add pictures). 1. It's always windy in Wyoming!! 2. When the neon sign over the interstate says the road is closed to light weight trailers due to high winds, you listen and take the alternate route. 3. The alternate route is prettier anyway! 4. Not many rest stops on the alternate route. 5. When Colette comes out of the outhouse rest stop and says "heres what you need to know" you may want to consider holding it awhile longer! 6. Wind swirls up from the hole in an outhouse. Does anyone know if they make hand sanitizer for your nostrils? Rachel really wanted some! 7. Pair of gloves and Colettes left boot may need to be burned after the incident with the Wyoming outhouse! 8. When you lose the camera, look between your feet on the car floor! 9. When you lose the cell phone, look in the parking lot! This is what we have learned so far! Four days to go I'm sure we will have more wisdom to share by the time we are done! All the best! Colette & Rachel