Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Windy Wyoming, on to Colorado & Back!

So we took off on April 3, to deliver a fabulous antique cabinet to our sweet Sandy, in Ft Collins Colorado. I checked weather along the route, and it was to be 60 degrees, balmy and sunny. Right! Pack your spring clothes Rachel, we're going to have fantastic weather! So take a look at the photo of Rachel now, does her hair look normal? She's INSIDE the suburban and she has the Justin B. look going on. Why? There's an 80 mph wind happening, and she's inside!!!!! Now take a look at me. I may be smiling, but that's because I'm laughing at Rachel's hairdo as she's taking my photo. We're in Casper Wyoming and yes, the sun is shining, but we can't stand upright!! Okay, enough about the weather, let's discuss the shopping! Wow! We hit the boutiques of Ft Collins, note the street scene where we strolled up and down looking for fabulous product, and note the green grass and garden, and yes, real flowers planted there! We love Ft Collins!! And yes, the shot of the trailer may not show all the yummies we brought back, but look close and you'll see images of shabby peely paint and the color aqua, and old garden furniture and vintage typewriters, and even blanket covered industrial chests.... and it will all be unpacked soon. Very soon. More to come!! All the best, Colette & Rachel

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