Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Windy Wyoming!

As you all know every road trip is an adventure! This is what we have learned so far on this trip to Fort Collins Colorado (wish we could add pictures). 1. It's always windy in Wyoming!! 2. When the neon sign over the interstate says the road is closed to light weight trailers due to high winds, you listen and take the alternate route. 3. The alternate route is prettier anyway! 4. Not many rest stops on the alternate route. 5. When Colette comes out of the outhouse rest stop and says "heres what you need to know" you may want to consider holding it awhile longer! 6. Wind swirls up from the hole in an outhouse. Does anyone know if they make hand sanitizer for your nostrils? Rachel really wanted some! 7. Pair of gloves and Colettes left boot may need to be burned after the incident with the Wyoming outhouse! 8. When you lose the camera, look between your feet on the car floor! 9. When you lose the cell phone, look in the parking lot! This is what we have learned so far! Four days to go I'm sure we will have more wisdom to share by the time we are done! All the best! Colette & Rachel


  1. sounds fun!!=) Are you going to go visit jana?

  2. I'm so glad you stayed open! I would have had Station 8 withdrawal for sure. Be back in June for The Farm Chick Show..see you there!