Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chocolate Anyone!

So we decided to take the plunge this time with our DIVA night, into CHOCOLATE that is! The very lovely Becky and Todd from Amazing Crepes loaned us their chocolate fountain for the evening, and we were up to our elbows in rich, creamy chocolate (every girls dream)! If you were at our DIVA night last night, you know how much fun (and chocolate) we had. Now if you couldn't make it, especially all of you out of towners, who had major snow, here are a few photos, proof that fun was had by all.

Ina is sporting the DIVA cap, with a plate of what else, but chocolate covered strawberries! By the end of the evening I don't think there was a finger, face or elbow that didn't have some chocolate on it! We even had some chocolaty finger prints on the receipts!

Thank you to all who came out and shared the evening with us! And don't forget our next event is our Spring open house Saturday May 7th!

All the Best,

Colette & Rachel

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  1. All looks wonderful!! Cannot wait to see you girls there!!