Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get ready, get set..... Here comes Open House!

You know, it all starts with an idea. Ispired by an item. Nothing really extraordinary; simple leather trimmed suitcases. Pair these with some other vingage finds, add a little elf (meaning us) magic and we have a great vintage look for our traditional Christmas vignette!
A few old chippy peely shutters, in my favorite color...

A bit of whimsy with a darling vintage green colored child's chair. Just simple items in sweet colors to inspire us in creating our themes for Holiday Open House! and do we have the ideas!

We are in the final stages with the themes and vignettes we're doing for Nov. 5th! These photos are just our inspiration pieces to give you a hint of what you'll see.
We will, of course, have to be shut the entire week leading up to the Open House (No peeking!), because we will be changing the ENTIRE store to reopen on the 5th. Oh what fun!!!!

all the best,

and elves


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