Monday, January 23, 2012

Road Trips are such an Adventure!

Ah the thrill of travel. Being on the road. Getting away from it all. The adventure, the excitement, the challenge. THE ICE! THE SNOW! THE WIND! Rachel and I had quite the exciting trip--our first one in 2012, and about our 12th(or more) together, and just when we think we've seen and done it all...

This is just a peek at what we experienced in Seattle. This is the trailer hitch, the all important trailer hitch that keeps the trailer filled to capacity with our goodies towing nicely behind the suburban. Does ice affect how it tows? hmmmm never experienced that, so we'll see!

side mirrors are another important item to have and use while towing. You know you can't see out of the rearview mirror because there's just a big white box in view, so relying on side mirrors becomes critical. "objects may appear larger in mirror" doesn't even begin to tell the story when its coated with an inch of ice!

Ah, but then there's the beauty of it all. Branches coated with ice, clanking together like chimes when the wind blows...

Somehow being stranded in the hotel room for 3 days sounds fun, except when all of the shops are closed due to weather, and Rachel can't go out and shop and escape from Colette, who's sick for all 3 days...Did I mention road trips are an adventure????
Posted by PicasaWe made a break for it on Friday, and got in line with all of the semis going over the pass, and white knuckled it when the severe winds kicked up and came at us through the canyon. But, we are hardy Montana girls, and wanted to get our load of treasures home, because the trailer really is filled with amazing stuff!!!!!
We are remerchandising the store from jan 23-26, REOPENING JAN. 27, so plan on joining us for DIVA night friday night Jan. 27th, 6-9PM.
And stay tuned here on the blog for photos of our "trailer and trunk" show!!
All the best, and grateful to be home,
Colette and Rachel

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  1. Hello Collette,
    What an adventure you had in Seattle. It was so much fun meeting you at 2nd Saturdayz. Thank you for featuring my girls and I on your blog. I would love to make your Jan. Diva night. Sounds so fun.