Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Adventures of Colette & Rachel continue!

So Saturday morning, at the crack of dawn, Rachel and I head to the sEcond SAturday flea market. I dropped rachel offf at the curb so she could stand in the long line, while I parked the trailer. Yikes! By the time I got done, she was laready inside, doing what she loves--BUYING!
We metamazing people,like Lori and her gorgeous daughters Amanda & her sister.
Their booth was darling and delicious and I wanted to just bring it all back to Montana, including the girls! (they helped carry my purchases out--thanks girls!)

Here's some of their delightful goods for sale. Aren't they delicious?

There were just so many scrumptious things to tempt our budget, so we had to prioritize and edit and tell ourselves "we just can't take it all home!" We do have limits!

This is one of the" over the top talented artists" that was at the show, and of course, I bought several of her creations. You'll just have to wait till I get home to see the goodies!
And this incredible woman had amazing items-vintage, handmade, everything!

Look at the piles, the masses of goods--we shopped for hours!
Posted by PicasaAnd so many clever displays and lovelies!
So, needless to say, Rachel found some amazing things, I kept giving her money, she kept buying more and more and more...
So the show was a success for us. Let's just say we have many many goodies. We found industrial, salvage, leather, and so some of our favorites.
But you will have to wait till we get back, unload, display it all, and then come to our DIVA night January 27th to see what we bought!!!!!
Our story continues....
All the best, from Seattle, Colette & Rachel

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  1. SOOOOO fun! Can't wait to see all your goodies! Love how you're sharing your fun trip with us!