Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks everyone! A fun evening was had by all!!

DIVA night was amazing. We saw so many of you there on Friday night! We were so busy, that we forgot to take photos! So no photos of the evening, but we have some great stories to share, and these photos that were taken by Jaimie Nelson, photographer extraordinaire, on her last visit! Enjoy!

The party started early, at 4:30 or so, and by 6:00 pm the crowd was here! My husband had just finished graveling the parking lot. there were no more spaces left, so as he pulled away, 3 cars were juggling for his spot! Thanks to my kind neighbors for putting up with cars everywhere!(I offered them chocolate...)
My favorite story was when Sarah A. came in, told us she was just on her way to the store for some milk, saw the party and pulled in!! She joined the merriment and we even gave her several excuses to use to explain to her hubby why it took her so long!
( I hope she remembered the milk...)

I think this "N" stands for Nothing left! almost. You all cleaned us out of lots of pretties. We truly did sell out of our new line of Bling bracelets in one night, so I must get more in!

Posted by PicasaSo these yummy handmade ruffled" snowballs" are really gorgeous, and our youngest DIVA, Sylvie, fell in love with them. She came up to my desk, asked the price, didn't have quite enough money left from her allowance, and walked sadly away. Believe it or not, Lucy, one of my very generous customers at the desk, overheard, and tucked enough money in Sylvie's hand to buy her "snowball".
Is that the best story? It makes my heart sing, and confirms the goodness of people and what amazing customers/friends we have here at Station 8. I am very Blessed!
Thank you for joining us.
If you missed the party, come in and say hello!
All the best,
Colette & my DIVA girls Rachel and Ina


  1. No photos!! I'm sad.
    Someday I will get to go...

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