Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sale Mania!

So it's now Saturday evening, Day 2 of the yard Sale event at Station 8. I am numb. I can barely move. Oh my goodness gracious me. We sold EVERYTHING! Almost. And yet, Day 3 will begin again tomorrow, Sunday, and I can't even imagine we have any more to bring out. But I will go into the deep dark recesses of my "Stockroom" and see what I can find to entice shoppers to return yet again!!

We piled it high, heaped it up, marked it down, then marked it down some more, then bargained with people, and we Had a Blast!!!

So I think this bed may still be available. I can't remember. Isn't it awesome? Guess how much? $500? No $300? Nope. How about a fabulous custom Montana made log bed, queen size, for ........$100??!!! Yes!

Okay and how about these adorable parlor chairs for your porch? Painted red maybe? Or robin's egg blue?
I know, super cute and they are still here!!!
Okay, that's all I've got for tonight. I must go rescue my husband who is still tarping and tying down the tables!
TaTa til later!

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