Monday, September 20, 2010

My newly promoted assistant, Rachel!

Nothing gives me more satisfaction and pleasure than to promote one of my team members!
Rachel, who has been on my team for a year, has been an amazing asset in her skills at merchandising, display, customer relations and everything else I throw at her!

I knew she was destined to be on my management team when she worked along side me in preparation for the Farm Chicks Show this past June! We clicked like we were one person, and in all the marathon long hour days, she was right there with me, smile on her face and never tiring. Now that's what I call Assistant material! Plus, she makes me laugh, tells me what to do when I'm too tired to think straight any more and just takes charge!

So, congratulations Rachel, I'm so very proud of you and can't believe my good fortune in having you as my new assistant!

Here's to an amazing year!

all the best,
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  1. Aww...Rachel's the best! I am so happy to hear this news!


  2. Congratulations Rachel! I'll be by during Christmas to meet you.
    Colette, check out my blog and see what I have done for the first time in my life.
    KarenSue or Sue

  3. Wahoo!! Congrats Rachel! Sounds like you two are a blessing all around! :) I'll be in soon to celebrate your promotion with a little shopping!