Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling all DIVA'S!

Okay, so you know how in Antiques stores, you read the tags, and everything says "Rare" "Unique" "As Found".
Well, these terms make us giggle, and so my sweet Rachel, put "As Found" on this aqua tee and gave it to me for my birthday.
Are you laughing as hard as I still am?!!!! Just wait till she sees what I'm putting on her tee!!!!

So needless to say we laugh at ourselves a lot, and that may be just what we will do this Friday night, at our very first DIVA Date!
We're going to try and dress up as Diva's and show some fashions, from my friend Sally's clothing shop(Fashion Finds), and we plan on having a bit of chocolate, & a few Divine Desserts and a little wine and.... just come join us!

January 28th 6-9PM!! Dress up as a Diva, or just come after work or as you are, and we'll have some drawings and some fun and for sure, a lot of laughs!!

All the best,
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  1. Have fun girls! Wish I were in Montana!

  2. What a wonderful idea!!!! I love it!! And from the looks of the pics in the next blog up - you ladied "painted the town red". Gorgeous "new" vintage clothes - you went from "as found" to "simply stunning"!!! :)
    Toma Haines