Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did we Mention we're Goin to the Farm Chicks 2011 show?

So we're off and running! Planning for the Farm Chicks 2011 show, that is! So many items to paint and price and fluff and buff! Less than 6 months to do it all!

We have buying trips to go on, and barns to scavenge and trailers to fill!

And then we have to store it away and not bring it into the shop and sell it now! How do we do that? We want to display it all now...maybe we'll set up a pseudo Farm Chicks booth in our shop with a "Don't Touch" sign? yeah right. Like we can wait. But we must!

Time will fly though and I know we will be loading the trailer to go to the show and won't even remember way back in January, the agony of waiting!!

All the best,

Colette & Rachel

" The Montana Farm Chicks"!

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