Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that make me Smile!

Today was a busy day, filled with many challenges, and in deciding what to blog about, I decided to treat myself to a selection of photos that just simply make me happy!
No order to them, no real theme other than all of these just simply make me grin!!
Like these gorgeous flowers!

Now of course, my main man, makes me grin the widest! That's my sweet hubby, Peter!

anyone who knows me can appreciate my love for the beach...any beach! anywhere!

and for fresh flowers

especially Hydrangeas. They're so big and beautiful and I wish I could grow some. Could grow anything for that matter. I've got no green thumb!

Outdoor cafes. aaah the romance of a sidewalk cafe, sipping and nibbling on delicious yummies, with my sweet hubby of course!

Old fabulous architectural details. Isn't this an amazing piece of architecture?
It was larger than life, on a rooftop garden, in Canada! Does it get any better?

Oooh, I love old white churches too. They make me smile, and wonder at all of the people who have worshipped there through the ages. So peaceful and serene and simple in its beauty.

Barns. White barns. I'm obsessed with them.
I adore white barns, the shabbier the better because they show their weathered patina, and the barns seem so regal in being so old and still so purposeful.

Posted by PicasaAnd of course Antiques! Any time, any place, any kind! I get goose bumps when I see a sign like this, get a huge smile on my face, and feel happy just knowing there are myriad items that are inside, with stories, all waiting to be discovered!
yep, things that make me smile.
I hope you have a smile on your face too!
all the best,(with a big grin)
Colette xo


  1. Your post made ME smile and have Spring Fever!!!!

  2. I LOVE the beach, too. This time of year ( it is covered with water in the summer)I walk on the huge sand beach at the head of the Flathead lake. Have you been there...heaven on earth