Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yard sale mania!

 We did it! We survived the Yard Sale extravaganza! IT WAS HUGE!!
I've never seen so much stuff out on the highway, piled high on the tables, loaded onto racks, heaped on to make shift saw horse tables....

 If you didn't get to come out for the event, you missed a great one. Bargains on antiques, vintage, furniture and it all sold! We sold down to the last few bits and pieces, well done!

Rachel and Angie worked the sale all weekend, with a lot of help from Meghan and Devie and the rest of the team at Station 8. They even made the sale look pretty! We had a Boutique Antique going out there!
Now that the event is over, we get to gear up for our Buying Trip!!!Yippeee!!We can go find more great stuff for the Shop Rachel! let's go!!!

All the best,
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