Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few shots of our Unpacking team and our new vignettes!

Look at the piles of stuff we have for you!

We have farm tables...

We have chairs in assorted sizes...

 We have good looking men...Oh, whoops! That's Josh, he's Amy's hubby, who unloaded all our stuff!
Thank you Josh, and Barb's son for getting it all into the shop!!

So that we could make it all pretty for Friday shoppers!

We REALLY LOVE these late summer looks!
Warm tones with some spicy colors to tempt you!

 Okay, and since Rachel loves autumn as much as I do,
we just had to introduce these warm tones  on this tablescape!
Perfect for late August color palette.

So we still have tons to show you. Lighter colors, industrial, shabby chic, cottagey, we have it all. And we will continue to pull the looks together for you in the next few days!

happy to be home,
Colette and Rachel
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