Friday, August 24, 2012

Some fresh accessories!

 I'm starting to think about the change in season, and getting excited about wearing layers again! Scarves, layers of necklaces and some bling. We are coming up on autumn, so check out our new jewelry lines we have in the shop.

This is our newest jewelry display case just filled with one of a kind necklaces and bracelets--most are locally made, Lots of repurposed and inventive styles to layer on.

And of course, I must show you my latest repurposing of this stripped down antique chair. Put a basket in it, and use it in an entry for storing scarves, hats and headwraps. Or simply leave it empty for a wonderful industrial  look!

More bling using old pocket watches as fresh necklaces. A bit of animal print is very timely for fall too.

This looks like layers of necklaces, but is really just one!

All of these photos were taken at the Docks reastaurant in Lakeside, at the fundraiser, Celebrate Life!

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