Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Road trip continues with a Barn Sale!

There is just something amazing and intriguing about an old barn. That's me, just inside the massive barn doors, getting the frst peek at the vintage goodies inside!

Yep, that's my suburban beside this fabulous barn!

 And this is the sign that drew us in!

To this other amazing barn! Filled with treasures.
Just waiting for Rachel and me to pick out! So, you first, Rachel, and I'll hold the ladder!
Oh, that's right, I climb the ladder, and you hold on to it!

Oh my goodness, I have never been in a barn that huge! 3 stories high!
I can't carry the picture frames, the old jugs, the shutters, the toy truck, and the giant pulleys AND HOLD ON TO THE LADDER!

Wait until you see the vintage yumminess that we found and brought back to the shop!
Too much to get in one trailer load, and way too much to show you here.
You'll just have to come into the shop to see it all.
We unload the trailer tonight.
We then work like elves to get it all pretty for the weekend!
Yep, we're open on Sundays too!

Come on by and say hi.
We have made it home safely from another Road Trip Adventure!!

All the best,
Colette and Rachel
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