Friday, September 7, 2012

Praire Sisters party show in Missoula! We're here!!

We're at the vintage show in Missoula, the Prairie Sisters party!

 The theme is Boots and Bling!

The venue is awesome--we're in the old barns!

We brought a few things...and just need to sort all of it out and make it pretty!

But first, I need to clean!

We've got the boots!

And we've got the bling!
Awesome bling belts by the dozens!

And bling necklaces, bracelets and earrings too!
Isn't this gorgeous??
She is wearing a vintage ruffled skirt with leather tooled belts and handbag.
So very Prairie Sisters!

Cowboy UP!
An amazing antique chalkware figure that is so cool for a cabin look!

We are having a blast at the show!
Miss you all, but we'll share more stories and photos!
All the best,
Colette & Rachel
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