Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introducing Station 8 Antiques!

I can't believe it's finally happened--I'm blogging. The girls told me"It has to be done" so, as a good shop owner, I listened to my girls! I am sitting here shaking with excitement and have become tongue tied. So, the girls say, "Just tell your story."

Let me tell you about my shop,"The Shops at Station 8", located in the small town of Columbia Falls, Montana, just a few miles west of Glacier Park. I fell in love with this 100 year old train depot in 2007 and after renovating it just a bit, I opened my antiques and home decor store on June 7, 2008! My dream came true and I am still counting my blessings that I am living my dream of owning my very own shop. Of course, I knew I couldn't fill a 4000 s.f. building all myself, so I carefully selected the finest merchants to join my team, thus, The Shops at Station 8 was born. I thrive on merchandising, creating delightful vignettes, inspiring displays and having fun with my loyal customers! And every day is new and fresh and challenging, and isn't that the best? What could be better? I plan to meet you here each week to share the goings on at Station 8.

All the best,


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  1. Hooray!! You did it! Such a treat to be inspired in your shop today. My cute measuring stick looks perfect right next to my first one. Thank you for brightening my day! I look forward to reading your post every Wednesday!
    Farm Chicks or bust!!!!!