Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Passion for all Things Aqua!

It is a rainy Wednesday, and I decided I needed to see some of our famous Montana blue sky, so I am sharing these wonderful photos taken by one of my fabulous customers, Michelle Wells. She was in last week and captured my favorite colors in her photos.

I am so inspired with all shades of aqua, and tend to select items for my shop that have this color in them. Some would say I'm obsessed with the color! What is it about all the many shades of robins egg blue and aquas that make me smile? It makes me recall days at the beach, with the soft blue sky overhead, the shades of the ocean, and searching the sand for small pieces of beach glass. My shop is overflowing with vases, buckets, pots and old vintage summer fans in these lovely hues of blues. ahhhh.....

I have been busy unpacking some new arrivals and readying the shop for our Open House coming up May 8. I am changing displays and freshening everything, making it new and fabulous for our party! Cannot wait!!

So much to do.... I must get back to playing with the product!

Till next time, have a Blue Sky Day!

All the best,


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  1. colette! i'm so happy to hear you have a blog! :) i have taken a picture of the fan, but have yet to upload it to my computer...i am so IN LOVE with it though!!! i want to duplicate it and put it all over my house! lol!

    i was wondering about this little chandelier pictured in this's adorable!! i need a little chandelier to go in my scrapbooking nook! :) thanks as always for any info! you can probably just email me whatever info you have...if it's not sold yet! :)