Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meet my amazing team!

I wish I had photos of the two most amazingly talented women who help me in my shops. Actually, help isn't really the word. More like inspire,dazzle, motivate and nudge me to do more!

Rachel joined my team late last summer, and we instantly clicked. As the weeks went by,it was as if we were connected mentally, as we would both come in with the same display ideas for the shop. Crazy! I made her my Principal Buyer, and I send her out to handpick my merchandise. Wow is she good! I love everything she buys, and want it myself!! Rachel is a mother of 3, and perhaps that is why she has fabulous displays that are fun, fresh, youthful and do I dare say, quirky!? I don't have a photo of her latest, but imagine a vintage birdcage, with a plush stuffed cat sitting inside it, surrounded by bird feathers... Can you picture the guilty look on the cat's face?! You get what I'm saying about quirky now, huh! Rachel never fails to make me laugh! What is going on in her mind next?

Thankfully, balancing quirky, is Betsy, who is the epitome of class, patience and detail mindedness. She is thoughtful, very artistic, and has been on my team since early fall. She is now my Events Coordinator, and has lined up all of the artists for my Whitefish shop " Gallery Nights". Our first Art Walk of the season is Thursday night, May 6! Betsy is always composed and no matter my panic, keeps a calm exterior and tells me, "all will be well" and she's always right! Betsy is also responsible for much of the detailing of the floorsets we do, making everything perfect and artistic!

See how lucky I am to have such amazing women working with me?
It doesn't get any better!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

All the best,

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