Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where did Wednesday go?

Okay, I admit it. I lost Wednesday. Have you ever misplaced a day? As I'm sitting in bed last night, drinking a cup of tea, reflecting on what a great day it had been, suddenly, the word Blog leaped into my head and I realized Wednesday was coming to a close without my posting. Horrors! Not having the laptop at home, should I jump in the car, ignoring that I had my jammies on and race to the shop to Blog? Should I call Rachel and wake her and her family, begging her to Blog for me? Or should I just relax, wait for Thursday and admit my blunder. yep, option #3 wins!!

So our Open House was last Saturday. The weather was cold, rainy, windy and we were serving lemonade and lemon cookies! Perfect. and you know what? it was perfect. We were screamin busy as all my favorite customers came in, the party started, and we even had some brand new customers in to see what was goin on inside!

So now that our Open House is past, all focus is on preparing for The Farm Chicks show and getting our 2 booths darling, dazzling and tempting!

Wishing you all a blooming, sunny week.
Get outside and enjoy warm temps and blue skies, and since I'm stuck inside, come over and see me!

All the best,

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  1. Hi Colette! So glad you are blogging now! Station 8 definitely needed some web exposure :) Thanks for bringing some wonderful things down to the market in Somers last weekend! We had a blast. I just thought I'd say hi, and that I noticed "Come Junk With Us" posted about the goodies you sent for the bus riders. How fun! See you at the Farm Chicks show! :)