Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The excitement is building...only 17 more days until The Farm Chicks show, I need one of those calanders like kids use at Christmas to count down the days (I wonder if I have one in the stock room?)! We leave in only 15 days! Oh my I can't wait!!
So on Monday, we priced the majority of our treasures. Thre are definately deals to be had! We have such cute stuff! A great mix of guy and girly. Fabulous old cameras, typewriters, fans, framed botanicals, burlap stepstools...all centering around our " British Colonial" look. We'll add a bit of velvet, lace, linen and silver pieces for texture and sparkle. And of course lots of antique gold frames and drapey netting over the tent to give that touch of romance!
The goody's are priced, the trailer is ready to be packed, and most importantly the outfits have been purchased! I think we're ready. Hope to see you there.
All the best,
Colette & Rachel The Montana Farm Chicks.

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  1. Yahoo!!!!! I am so excited for you gals!! Can't wait to see you there!!! I have been out of town but can't wait to come in and spend my gift certificate!!!!!