Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Dad: Father's Day 2010

You have heard it called "man cave", "den", even (to coin Sarah Susanka's term from The Not So Big House) the "away room". The name is not really important, it's ownership that matters. And this room is definitely owned by the man of the house. That is easily apparent from the moment you set foot inside. This is a place where the man gets to create his own environment, one that usually is very different from the rest of the house.

And the Man Room is just that, a place in the house that is devoid of all things dainty and demure. Instead it is "outfitted" with furniture that is tough, neutral colored, and can take having feet (encased in dirty boots) rest there. "Wall art", generally comes in the form of vintage metal signs, sports equipment, and photographs. There may be collections of historical value, or personal interest...old fishing reels, Glacier National Park or Great Northern memorabilia, vintage cameras, a globe that doubles as a light and perhaps even a locker room water cooler!

Check out the photos...just a sampling of possibilities for the Man Room in your home.


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