Friday, July 16, 2010

Women On A Misson!!!!

That's how I would describe our trip to The Vintage Barn Show. We have been referred to in the past as the Dynamic Duo, and even without masks and tights, we earned the title this weekend with our " divide and conquer " methods. And what a blast!!!! These are a few of our fantastic finds.
We spent the first three hours of the show shopping frantically, and the last four or so hours hauling and packing, and generally having the time of our lives! By the time we left, we were hot, filthy and pleasantly exhausted. A little dinner, a little air conditioning and we were ready for day 2.
We chose to spend day 2 at the flea market in the parking lot of our friend Celeste's restaurant, Chaps, in Spokane. We picked up a few more goodies, had a fantastic lunch at Chaps and headed for home with a full trailer. What a successful weekend!
We love our jobs!!!
All the Best!
Colette and Rachel

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  1. Silly me, I posted on an older post so I wasn't sure if you would read it. It was so nice meeting you Saturday. I'm the crazy lady that wanted to take pictures of you and your shop. I just love it. I'm back home in Orlando and will be posting about you and your shop very soon.
    Happy days to you!
    KarenSue or Sue don't be confused.