Sunday, August 1, 2010


What would you do with this? We bought the coolest wire basket thing on wheels at The Vintage Barn Show, and we would like to know what you would use it for? In this picture it is holding some fabulous aqua and green pillows, which made me think it would work really well in a family room holding throw blankets and pillows. I can also see it in a bathroom with rolled towels in it.

Those are some of our ideas, so what would you do? Let us know.

All the Best,
Colette and Rachel
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  1. I use my vintage round one for laundry. I'm interested in new uses.
    I so much enjoyed your shop.
    I'll be back!


  2. I would pack it full of all my favourite scrapbooking goodies and tools so I could wheel it around my scraproom or even take it out to the living room if I was working on something there!! It's adorable!! By the way, I'm coming camping to Echo in a week and can't wait to come visit your store!!! :O)