Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bring On The Tourists!

One of the best things about the summers here in Montana is all the lovely tourists we get into the shop!
I really enjoy finding out where everyone has traveled from, where they're going, and being part of their Montana experiences. For example, we have pictured here Langley Danowitz. Langley is here from New York City, visiting her daughter! She came in and tried her hand at being a cowgirl, and looked so darling in our red hat, I had to snap a photo of her.

We've had visitors from as far away as Israel and Italy, and as close by as Great Falls.
We encourage them to sign the guest book and take a little piece of Montana home with them, from our shop!

So if you happen to be traveling, swing in and say hi!

All the Best,
Rachel, Colette and Betsy
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  1. Hi Colette! Remember me? Did you see my post on your shop? And I did rent a space for the very first time here in Orlando.
    Be back at Christmas, see you then!
    KarenSue or Sue