Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Sky Blues!

Today is such a wintry, snowy, day with no blue sky in sight, I felt I needed to share some gorgeous "Montana Big Sky" blues. Nothing like the white of snow with the wintry blues to be a stark contrast.

Can you believe it's already December? I so wish this month would go on slow motion...just to have the time to enjoy the lead up until Christmas.

And to linger over each day and enjoy looking out the window at the snow perched on the trees, covering each limb. It really is a very beautiful season, isn't it? And to have time to take a walk in the evening and hear the crunch crunch of the icy snow underfoot....okay, I really do love the snow and just want to go outside and Play!!!
I tried to take a photo of the snow today, but camera wasn't functioning, so maybe I can get some great shots soon!
In the meantime, just enjoy our wintry weather, and know that somewhere above the clouds is our brilliant blue sky--just like you see here!

all the best,

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