Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's all about the Children!

The countdown is upon us--two more days until my store will be filled with the squeal of children's voices, the giggles and hushed voices too! I can't wait!!

The start of my 3rd Annual Christmas Market, just for kids, begins Friday! We have created a magical entrance to this year's event, and Rachel and Betsy have outdone themselves! I came in today and saw their creation--Magical and glittery and very winter wonderlandish! and the goodies that we have gathered for the Market --wow! Good stuff parents!

My dreary old stockroom has been transformed into a bright happy magical shop! It's like Santa's workshop back there now--a place I actually want to visit! Great job everyone!
So come one, come all to our special market--bring the kiddies, bring their allowance, bring the list of who they're shopping for-- we are ready to make it a Magical experience!

All the best,

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