Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The best Labor Day weekend!

So it seems that the theme for this year's Labor day weekend getaway was "sitting".

(yes, those chairs you see are going to make an appearance in the shop real soon!)

I sat on the bench in the morning,and afternoon, and in the evening.....
I sat on the fence watching the cows, the sky, the dogs....

Hubby sat on the deck, reading, playing with the dogs and, snoozing......(oops I wasn't supposed to tell!)

What a great time we had!

But it wasn't all just sitting. We walked, we ate, we slept in, we drove, and of course we junked!

Isn't it just lovely to have a long weekend!

Autumn is here and it's the best season as far as I'm concerned. Warm days, cool nights, and September just transitions from summer to fall with the crispness in the air that I thrive on!

And the change of season means we can change decor on the porch! Yippee! Here's to a happy and long warm September!

All the best,


1 comment:

  1. Oh My Goodness!! LOVE all the beautiful pictures- especially you on the fence- adorable!!!
    So glad you had a relaxing weekend. And so glad you brought home some new goodies! That blue chair is dreamy!! Love you my friend!