Monday, September 19, 2011

Prairie Sisters party!

The Party was amazing! Did you get to go to it? On Saturday, it was a one day Market in Missoula, at the fairgrounds. A junkin, vintage show complete with food, old cars and trucks, airstreams and such for the guys to enjoy while the women SHOPPED!!

Station 8 was there! We came, we saw, we sold, we had a blast with Laura & Molly--the Prairie Sisters! They put on the nicest show I have been to here in Montana, and it was huge! The turnout was over 1600 people in attendance, so it is going to just keep getting bigger and better, and will be a MUST GO TO destination!

Rachel was looking very gypsy in her velvet combo and was selling everything we brought!! It was crazy! I kept replenishing, remerchandising and trying to keep stuff up off the floor, as Rachel sold the trunks, chests, desks, tables, chairs, benches,bed, and more!
Everytime I looked, more had sold and she just kept me running, delivering and restocking!

We made lots of new's a few of them! This is the owner of Diggs!

And she had the most amazing lampshade that she made for this cool floor lamp! Way cute! (and I forget her name...) But I'll remember her face!

And we were in the coolest old barn--what a perfect setting and we had perfect autumn weather!

And some of the old vehicles that the guys were all drooling over...This one belongs to my friends Janie and Rob!

And of course, the crowds just kept pouring in all day long.

So what did we bring back from the show??
You'll have to come into Station 8 and see all our new goodies we BOUGHT!!!!

All the best,
Colette & Rachel

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