Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn eye candy!

I simply love autumn! The colors, the textures, the scent of outdoors is invigorating!
I become creative! Gourds nested in an old crate, or used to display a wonderful piece of jewelry(this one is by Organix)

 An instant display using warm colors--it makes for a pretty tabletop.
Why not show this handmade baby cap on a table?!

My favorite c0lor to accent with is saffron. So warm and spicy.

Got lockers? Time to get out the ghoulish decor and create a spooky vignette! Try lining up pumpkins on a bank of lockers, and spell out a spookilicious word using decals or stencils!

 Isn't this an amazing creation by Kristie Caratelli?
She is one of our fabulous artists we feature in the shop. 

 and just in, a primitive spinning wheel, that is 100 years old, and still works! Not only great decor, but an amazing symbol of handcrafted goodness.

Enjoy these warm autumn days
All the best,
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  1. So warm and inviting! Station 8 is most definitely the place to go to be INSPIRED!