Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's February!

February is here! It's time to shed the winter blahs!

I truly believe that a bit of chocoate, a romantic card, and a touch of red takes care of the winter blahs!

 I love all of the colors of the month:Red and pink and lavenders and just a bit of lace and softness makes the harsh winter seem to disappear.

We are stocked with vintage romantic goodies--cards that make me swoon.

 And such pretty touches to send anyone.
 I think everyone deserves a Valentine, so I intend to send them out to my sweet friends near and far! Let's share the joy we used to get in grade school when our "mailbox" would be stuffed with Valentines! Remember? Such an old fashioned, sweet tradition!

And have a piece of chocolate too! I insist!
All the best,
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