Sunday, February 26, 2012

And here's how" the Prairie Party" began...

It all began promptly at 3pm Friday, Feb 24th..the BIG set up!

Rachel and I walked into the fairgrounds Expo building, and I was immediately taken with the impact of this message!

and how pretty everything looked!

And how welcome we felt,being given Treat bags, pretty name badges,and warm hugs from Molly & Laura.
(oooh there's our picket fencing Laura bought from Station 8!!!)

And here is what the "Before" view is of our booth!
wow, we have lots of work to do!

Just look at all our good stuff!!
See the 8's???

Okay, we still have a bit more work to do here... Rachel...where are you?
Posted by PicasaThere she is! Sighing with relief that our shop is beginning to take shape!!
More photos to come of the actual "party!"
All the best,
A tired but happy, Colette

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  1. Ohhhh, you are just trying to make me jealous! I wish I was there. My friend did go and said she bought some treasures. Can't wait to see more!!