Sunday, February 26, 2012

And let the Party(Prairie Junkin that is) begin!!

And so we continued to set up and fluff!
We finished our booth in record time, & priced all the goodies.

And we even had time to smell the prim(roses) I'd bought
to make our Garden Green House come to life!

Would you like to meet Wanda? She's our newest addition to our fabulous gals at the shop...She is wearing an original outfit hand made by Betsy! I must say, she looks stunning!

And just a few bits of color to make us think Spring is arriving!
These are huge cabbages that will grace our steps back at the shop!
And here we are ready to greet you as you enter! It's almost time to Open!

Posted by PicasaAnd forgive how blurry this turned out, but this is part the crowd waiting to get in and SHOP! Hi everyone!!! The line was loooooong, but there's our very own favorite friends from Station 8 at the head of the line. Nice job ladies!
More to come!
All the best,

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